What Are the Downsides vs. The board uses a PIC microprocessor and has eight possible mode groups with optional memory of last mode depending on how you solder certain contacts. To select mode group 3, tap the switch 8 times quickly to enter programming mode. Choose your own mode levels. Bleeder resistor for lighted tailcaps, varies between ohm optional C1: Bleeder resistor for lighted tailcaps Zener pads for higher voltage applications Attiny85 ready for all but the mm versions. Why buy this driver?

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This is similar 1mm the BLF A6 firmware, but with a lot more options: This is the ultimate 17mm “hot rod” driver! All of these drivers are 17mm good for P60 drop-ins and use a micro-controller and PWM for lower modes. As it stands right now you need the Attiny25 for Bistro and the Attiny85 for Narsil aka, e-switch.

Choose your own mode levels. The C1 cap is in all cases. KD V2 A series of three different drivers 71mm different numbers of regulators from KaiDomain.

Log in or register to post comments. By default it is 5 modes, but has stars on the back similar to the other NANJG drivers that allow different groups of modes to be hardwired. You can buy finished ones at BangGood which has 17m, firmware installed though Mountain Electronics can provide customized firmware or you can install your own firmware with the right equipment.


Here is a DigiKey shopping cart with the components I used fwt, there are both better and also cheaper options available if you want to pick out your own, so this is just for reference I like getting a bit tighter tolerance OTC as it can help when things get hot for example. KD uses higher 17nm mA regulators instead of the usual mA, allowing for somewhat higher currents.

Its no big deal to rescue the old charging circuitry, as it stays seperate those charging ICs are also quite easy to handle Get will order parts and solder paste for a 2. The MCU the computer that controls the driver has a voltage limitation of 5.

Help with MTN 17mm FET+7135 Driver

Driver with Narsil, can it be used with electronic switch? Feet firmware that can be used with this driver is the Bistro Tripledown variation which can be found here: You will need to clip the center pin of the top side if you plan to use a bleeder resistor.

By default, the driver has two mode groups built in. The downloads from OSHpark includes the source files for diptrace for anyone that wants to play 17mmm with it, along with pictures of the drivers assembled from diptrace to make assembly easier and a schematic for each one. It is possible to reprogram this chip using AVR equipment and software to get not only exactly the number of modes and the light levels you want, but also to program the driver so the light has a programmable UI.


Bistro Clicky Firmware attiny Skip to main content. Soldering these numbered pins to ground will enable these features:.

To switch mode groups: The resisters are all package but you can use if you desire, fey have to be more careful when building the driver. Memory can be enabled via the configuraiton mode. We design, assemble, and test these drivers in-house in the USA using the best components available for fdt job. We use only fresh, traceable high-qualtiy components from reputable manufacturers because we want these drivers to work great not only today, but in ten or twenty years from now.

Help with MTN 17mm FET+ Driver |

I prefer ma myself. Ok, the idea with these drivers is that I can order them from OSHpark and keep them on hand for any build I may desire. To switch mode groups: This is the second most popular option.

For more information, click this 17mj. Some people have been able to request custom sets of modes to be programmed into the chip from KD. So now to the Drivers themselves, they are designed around the parts list from DEL. Source code available here. Permalink Embed link Download Order Board.