The fretwork is impeccable, and the action out of the box was amazingly smooth all the way across the fingerboard. Looking to go out on tour? The neck is tropical mahogany, in a wonderful-feeling soft satin finish. Lead parts seem to lift off the fretboard easily, with plenty of dynamics and resonance. That first D chord rings out vibrantly, and going up the neck the sound is just as rich even at the upper frets. Their new e models certainly cement all that history. You may also like

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All Tour Model Technomad loudspeakers come standard with the unique MonitorTilt feature that allows the speaker to quickly convert into a floor monitor.

Taylor 810e DLX Review

That first D chord rings out vibrantly, and xudio up the neck the sound is just as rich even at the upper frets. All Technomad loudspeakers are also designed to Military SpecificationE, and are impervious to water, sand, salt, temperature, mold, mildew, condensation, chemical, insect, UV radiation, acids and other damage.

All Technomad loudspeakers are backed by one of the most comprehensive pro audio product warranties available. With some past experience with other Taylor guitar models, this model certainly lives up to their reputation, and then takes it waaaayyyy further into a whole new level of excellence.

Fender Player Jaguar Bass Review. Fender Player Series Jazzmaster Review. Like-size Technomad loudspeakers lock together when stacked for ease and security of transport on Technomad dedicated dollies.


The inlay around the sound hole and fingerboard is a nice, classy touch. These audio innovations also allow the Technomad loudspeaker to perform with greater detail, intelligibility, and articulation in highly reverberant and high-ambient noise environments. Your search is over. All Technomad loudspeakers are inherently free of cabinet resonance, wall flex, vibration, imperfections in Thiele tuning, as well as other self-generated masking noises and anomalies.

The new stage also hosts national artists that make the Hall a tour stop. Technomad full-range loudspeakers feature a unique, five position, internal Passive Processor EQ System.

Technomad Military PA Systems. A sunny lobby atrium includes a large indoor stage for concerts and other events. The neck is tropical mahogany, in a wonderful-feeling soft satin finish. The corrugation that is designed into the cabinet walls provides incredible rigidity to the entire cabinet structure, without the need for additional internal cross-bracing, supports or structure. Home Privacy Policy Contact.

As mentioned, the beveled edge makes long playing sessions a breeze with no fatigue on the strumming arm. A multitude of microphone models, for an assortment of applications, are from Shure, Senneheiser, and Crown. Will is an Ampeg user, like many famous rock bass players, and he helped me reach out to the folks at Ampeg, who zudio been just wonderful to deal with.

Audko new e models certainly cement all that history. Technomad loudspeakers are extremely EQ compliant and offer the user unrivaled control over every type of program material, through the entire frequency spectrum. Other standard features include four molded-in 1.

In addition to being a great bass player, Will Lee has been a wonderful friend of the museum and has done sudio things for us, including acting as a music director for some of our shows.


The best way to describe this instrument is perfectly balanced, audi every conceivable way. It is detailed to the maximum, with maple binding around the body, as well as running around the aucio fingerboard and the headstock.

This guitar begs to be played. Other features include phase-coherent design, full-face weather resistant grills and fully recessed black stainless-steel cabinet hardware, large-grip handles, Neutrik connectors, and T-nut, D-Ring and Omni Mount fly points depending upon model.

Playability is maintained as well, with no effort to move around the neck making any unfamiliar adjustments.

Pro Audio Supplies – Ampeg SVT Pro-3 with Classic Cabinet Package

The Passive Processor reduces the need for outboard processors, thereby eliminating expense and system complexity. All Technomad loudspeakers are available in 14 custom cabinet colors. This past summer, the Hall of Fame also installed a large performance 81e outdoors and opened a beer garden during the day. Personally and professionally, I have mixed on Technomad sound systems, and aside from the fact they are the most road-worthy loudspeaker in the world, they 80e sound extraordinary.

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