During our tests we used a resolution of xx32bit and an update frequency of 90Hz. Customer review No Review Yet This is your chance! For the FSB overclocking tests we used a 2. You can Pay with: Exit Without Saving Raid Configuration Utility Menu What is GAT, and how did it pull off the performance jump?

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ABIT IS7-E2 – motherboard – ATX – Socket – iPE Overview – CNET

To connect or disconnect the connector is thus a messy business, not the least in a well-filled chassis. Opening up the IS7’s box, you’re greeted with a nice set of accessories. Many of the springdale based boards on the market have trouble with aggressive memory settings. If we just had a little more DIMM voltage to play with, the board would have received a The first source of irritation is the 12V connector, which many manufacturers still persist s2 mounting behind the CPU socket, right alongside the back plate.

This is located right down by the PCI slots. With the bracket we can connect up to 6 USB-units and three Firewire units. Sign Up Today Do you love tech deals? Cmos Memory Clearing Header Especially these cheaper boards are very interesting since the marginal is very low.

ABIT IS7-E – motherboard – ATX – Socket 478 – i865PE Series

By activating this function, the performance is supposed to be drastically increased and the IS7 boards to crush the competition. Most of you have probably already read countless of reviews of these boards by now since, as we mentioned, are a little late out with our review, but we hope that ia7 can make a handful of you a little more informed.


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Outputs for the integrated sound circuit is of course included as well. The compression of the file is highly influenced by the memory bandwidth and the frequency.

ABIT IS7-E2 – motherboard – ATX – Socket 478 – i865PE

As you change the options, the stock status will automatically update depending on your selection. The IS7-E2 strikes a perfect balance of features and performance for the advanced user. Load Fail-safe Defaults The manual is about 90 pages long English only and covers installation, BIOS settings, and software installation, as well as diagramming the various jumpers, ports, and the like in detail.

As you’ll see in the benchmarks, GAT made quite a bit of difference in performance, which raises the question: Soldering spots The socket is placed at the very top of the card, right beside cbipset edge of the PCB. My primary issue was that the connectors seemed to break easily if one was slightly incautious when removing a cable, although these apprehensions later turned out d2 be completely unwarranted. Install System Memory Both IS7-boards reveals themselves to be faster than the two reference-boards despite less memorybandwidth.


Troubleshooting need Assistance Ask a question Compare. The results are impressing none the less with almost a whole GHz free performance from our 2. In a customary fashion we begin by checking with what effective clock frequency the different boards use.

Along the way, we’ll take a look at what the IS7 has to offer, and examine its performance in detail. Below, close up to the edge, the S-ATA connectors themselves are found.

Atx Power Input Connectors The Canterwood boards abi greater bandwidth and therefore they surpass the other boards. It is of course possible that too aggressive settings might lead to instability, specially when using memory chips of lower quality but we did not encounter any problem at all during our tests.

Yet another great BIOS that really provides the enthusiast with chipdet he or she wishes. Over to the boards integrated features which really impresses more than the awkward accessory package. With the standard settings the Canterwood-boards perform slightly better than the IS7-boards, which in itself is not anything surprising.