The system line reads as follows: I have to admit I it took me a minute to remember that I had to edit the. After putting in a days worth of searching and coming up empty, I decided to try disabling the onboard sound and putting in an aftermarket card. ADI was not in the list of audio drivers that I saw, sorry. Does this help anyone in determining for me what audio drivers could get the sound up and running in Windows 98 Second Edition on this computer, please? But just for the record, here are mobo numbers that were requested:

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Trying to find Win98se drivers for Dell Dimension 2400

Log in or Sign up. Search box in the Start menu is very good for finding programs and system files not that great at searching all files on the computer. And I still get no sound in Windows I think the driver you referenced will work. XP was definitely a huge leap forward! When I saw that I knew I was golden!!! The mobo has integrated vga video, sound and networking. What is the error when you try to install the Dell? The writing is on the metallic parts that are inside, not on the motherboard.


Is it possible that more than one driver will get the integrated sound to work?? Selecting any of those brings up the Select Device window and there are no devices listed. Reading the the manual for your dell it lists the chipset as being Intel G. I guess I need to go thru all the sound drivers I’ve tried and see if I can figure out which one it was, if I am remembering correctly!

Especially tracking down that line in the system. I’d look inside in a heartbeat, but I don’t know what to look for.

I don’t believe I’ve tried this one. Okay, I’ll return with all the digits I will find on the hardware inside the case, around the audio connections. I had just the “driver enabled” but not the “unknown problem” message.

Trying to find Win98se drivers for Dell Dimension | Support Forums

In that folder look for the following files. If it isn’t the Soundmax built-in, it will almost certainly be the Creative Labs upgrade card, most of them have 98 drivers, if not eindows you need to find one that does.

It was kind of like, remembering as I went along. I used to use Driverguide.


I tried ME once, and had it been more secure from viruses and spyware, I think it would have been more successful, I did like the interface, but it didn’t take long for my system to get compromised. I have an old Widnows 98 computer that I can fire up. Is there an audio selection setting card or on-board in the BIOS??

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See if the inf method I posted works for you if the system. Where would the integrated speaker plug entry be? VXD device loaders for this device could not load the device driver.

Originally Posted by newsgroup guy. Playing one of the system sounds got me sound. I have to admit I it took me a minute to remember that I had to edit the.

Stupid Dell with their goddamn restrictions all the time! I didn’t have a lot of time but did the install twice.

Otherwise, I would have said. I checked my system.