At the “Install From Disk” dialog, enter the directory path where you loaded the installation files. The modem then transmits HDLC flags for a minimum of 1 second. The modem may consider 30 seconds of mark idle time between any two characters as an improperly terminated command line. If only a single value is supported, it appears between the parentheses. Use “H” to abort the dial in progress, and go back on-hook. It accepts four numeric subparameters: Inactivity timer related events are listed in Table

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The default is country-dependent. PCI Communication Device” is displayed. This device must accept any interference that may cause undesired operation.

AOpen FM56 PX – fax / modem Series

If multiple values em to be reported with the result code, the form is: If the modem detects a receive buffer overflow condition, it stops receiving from the remote until there is room in the receive buffer. A final result code indicates the completion of a full modem action and a ability to accept new commands from the DTE.

Intermediate less than FCL timeout loss-of-carrier should be indicated by insertion of the SQ-BAD signal quality indicator in the received data stream. If the DTE does respond, the modem resets the inactivity timer.

Then insert the driver CD and click Next. Changing the parameter will take effect immediately in both the command and online command states.


In this case, the modem discards the aborting character and issues an OK result code. If you want to continue installation, click Yes. Also, you may enable the ring wake up function by connecting the cable of Jumper 5 to motherboard.

Similarly, you will probably not see the responses because your software program may intercept them. The modem may not support some other modulations, regardless of the automode mechanism supported. am

Issue the OK result code, and set the parameter value to the valid value nearest to that specified in the command line. News Blog Facebook Twitter Newsletter. Windows has finished installation. These control characters and their resultant action are described below. The “Wait for Dial Tone” call progress feature W dial modifier in the dial string will override the value in register S6.

Select the modem from the list box and click the OK button. For example, the following are some examples of value range indications: Default If the modem is specified for use in only one country, that country code is the default. This command aope an action command if fm65 while the modem is off-hook, to re start V.

Don’t have an account? The voice capability renders a wide range of application possibilities from a simple telephone-answering device to a sophisticated voice-mail system. The hex coded messages, if provided, are used to generate V.


AOpen FM56 PX – fax / modem Overview – CNET

Note that the DTE can adjust its own thresholds for flow control of data on received data from the modem. The modem does not report invalid messages e.

The result codes that the modem can send are described below. If the tone is not detected within the time specified by S7 US models or S6 W-class modelsthe modem will abort the rest of the sequence, return on-hook, and generate an error message. Your telephone company may make changes in its facilities, equipments, operations or procedures that could affect the proper aaopen of your equipment.

TXT file on the driver diskette. Connection to party lines is subject to state tariffs. Hardware Installation Hardware Installation 1.

After five seconds elapse with a empty transmit buffer, the modem will turn off the transmit carrier, return to the command state, and report the ERROR result code. L Re-dial last number: