This information is intended to augment and not replace the information provided with the accessories themselves. Note If the display language is changed, replace or install the Control Panel Overlay to match the selected language. To prevent damage from static electricity: If you have a question create a new topic by clicking here and select the appropriate board. Resource Saving can only be accessed when the printer has the PostScript language installed and a minimum memory configuration of 7 MB. Message 8 of The primary charging roller is coated with conductive rubber with an AC bias applied to erase any residual charges and maintain a constant drum surface potential.

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If you have a question create a new topic by clicking here and select the appropriate board. Inform the system administrator of all Cold Resets. Replace the DC Controller. Note The Leading Edge Adjustment is set at the factory and is not required as a maintenance procedure.

Troubleshooting 7- 1 Printer Message Troubleshooting Printer Message Summary Table Table is a list of all status, attendance, error, and service messages affecting the printers. This creates a latent electrostatic image, which later is developed into a visible image. How to Obtain Printer Drivers First, check the software’s printer selection feature to see if the printer is listed among the available printers.


HP LaserJet

Many features of the printer are not available without the correct printer driver for the software application. Clutches and solenoids work together to start and stop gears and rollers used for paper movement. Label Construction When selecting labels, consider the quality of each component: Prints any data remaining in printer’s buffer.

Remove the Cross-member 4p,us.

The Pakcard LaserJet was the world’s first 4pous laser printer. Foreign object in paper path. None of the adhesive should be exposed between the labels. You can also call the nearest HP Sales and Service office to obtain the telephone number for the Center. The surface of the paper may be too smooth for the pickup roller to move the paper through the paper path. Press Wait until printer signals ready. Tffg or for the LaserJet 5.

Ensure that the Universal Paper tray selector knob pwckard matches the installed paper. One of the cassettes is overfull. The front panel interface also transmits front panel inputs to the CPU.

The procedures for removing and replacing the Lower Cassette components are in Chapter 6. When the DC controller identifies the last line of print data on the first page, the laser diode is forced ON and generates a sweep beam used to adjust the laser power.


The opposite end of the archiced is a photointerrupter that rotates through the sensors on the Paper Control PCA. These substitute drivers will allow you to use the printer, but they do not support all of the printer’s features. The ASAP service requires a touch-tone phone. Figure Inserting tlie Toner Cartridge 4 Position the cartridge with the arrow pointing into archoved printer as shown in Figure Another option with the Laserjet 4 would be to add a JetDirect card which would provide a network port for the Laserjet 4.

A change in DC bias causes either more or less toner to be attracted to the drum, which in turn either increases or decreases the print aechived. The level is sensed by a mechanism similar to an antenna, which detects the AC Developer Bias Voltage applied to the developer mixture. Configuration Table Serial Mfinij Itfim?

Solved: Windows 7 and HP LaserJet 4 Plus – HP Support Community –

Receipt of data or an error condition will also take printer out of Power Save mode. This is a great printer and frustrating it is so hard to set up with Windows. Verify all cabling is correct.