Pab, if you have read the posts above you should come away confused as I am as to whether non OEM brands might be best. Think about your favorite pro line club. They must have played some part in your tests. Once the epoxy dried, shafts were cut to a relatively modest The one reason that the numbers have diminished is simply because there are less clone companies in existence compared to years ago. As represented by our golf distributors, suppliers and manufacturers, all club designs are to the best of our knowledge legal golf equipment.

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L Mayhew 7 years ago. Randy Boyd 6 years ago. Instead our goal was simply to determine whether or not a no-name clone could outperform a driver from one of the biggest names taylotmade golf. But with TaylorMade prices so high, I’m gearing toward these clones as my first real set of clubs.

A midsize steel 5 iron head weighs at grams, as does an oversize titanium 5 iron head.

MyGolfSpy Labs! – Clone Golf Clubs vs. Name Brand

Fatigue, digestive progress of our breakfast, coffee, momentary humor, bestt vaiation, conversational distraction, realizing the consequences of the hit, ball life, audience.

Whether the result is illegal can be established only in court, on a case-by-case basis; in other words, the aggrieved company has to sue.


I now own a complete set of the GigaGolf forged cavity backs along with a set of Giga woods and play to a legit 7 handicap. Twin Engine Compare to: Although new legislation is going to clarify this further.

You are right, though, that golf is an expensive game. A test such as yours would better be done on mechanical equipment such as the ball taylorade use. By saevel25Wednesday at Keep up the great work! Do you not find all of those cases wrong, frustrating, and near impossible to prove?

I always shake and take off my hat and never wear a hat indoors. So here is my take. Launch Angle and Apex For the most part, the Burner and the Clone produced similar launch characteristics.

They swing quite heavy compared to most but I got used to them.

According to the Titleist Performance Institute, the best clone iron golf clubs might not be very good at all. Browse our selection of clone clubs: This thread is days taylormadf.

Discount TaylorMade Golf Clubs – TaylorMade Club Clones – Diamond Tour

Trademarks used on this site are the property of the named companies and are used for reference and comparison only. Ckone Research and Design Costs. I have also seen some really good clubs, despite being complete knockoffs.


Buy just the heads and then go to your local club maker and have them fit the clubs to you and your swing.

Clone Golf Clubs vs. Name Brand Golf Clubs – (ULTIMATE REVIEW!)

IMO fitting by internet is an oxymoron. Heater B 2 Hybrid Set Compare to: But the truth is, because clone golf companies do not have large ad campaigns, high-cost sponsorships, and excessive marketing budgets, clone companies do not need to inflate club prices ckone cover those expenditures. In the end, it is hard to figure out the quality of a specific model of golf club without using it for a gest amount of time on the course after buying it.

All this said you can take a top quality clone set of irons and with detailed attention to weighting and fitting you can make a set taylirmade irons worthy of praise. Open, Masters, British Open P.

Down my toe line. Heater F Hybrid Set Compare to: That camo bag is pretty sweet….

Now counterfeit producers is a different story.