The model is very convenient: And the problem is not connected with superiority of some processors. Unlike other contestants, the board has a connector for external audio-outs located on the front computer panel. But there are a lot of settings for memory, AGP bus on which an integrated video adapter works. Well, it is obvious that the new performance boost should be expected only from the Nehemiah.

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The board we received was packed in a box of an old design.

Biostar M6VLB User Manual

The board of the v1. Although you can choose a memory frequency, its timings can’t be adjusted.

It is a very pleasant solution, and it is very good that FIC has done its best in developing this budget solution. The board is based on the v1.

BioShock Infinite and Metro: Besides, lower power consumption allows making noiseless and ungreedy for power systems a low-power supply unit, as well as the processor, doesn’t require cooling with a fanand makes possible to save on a heatsink and a case. Nevertheless, such a fine fab process provides a low prime cost. Unlike other contestants, the board has a connector for external audio-outs located on the front computer panel.

People who are in charge of purchasing of computer equipment on the corporate market are often far from what is happening on the IT market.


You can set the most favorable modes for each memory module, adjust the AGP bus, and set FSB frequencies – 66, 75, 83,,and MHz. On the whole, the processors are rather good: As a result, even the fast MHz bus can’t improve biostaar situation. Besides, there are Media Ring Talk 99 and some other utilities.


However, there is another obstacle. On the modern tests which start all applications simultaneously and use them in turn, the VIA processor performs worse than on the aging SYSMARK which implements scripts on a single application.

That is why even the performance equal to the one from competitors in business applications together with an attractive price is a factor of minor importance.

The jumper is only one; it cleans the CMOS contents. M6v,b solution corresponds the latest specifications of the industry but is not compatible with old expansion cards. As the experience shows, even on the low-end processor market the price is not a determining factor.

The processors from VIA Technologies are still based on the old core developed by Centaur, where a computing unit with a floating point is a weak point. On the whole, it is a reliable and stable solution based on the VIA chipset at the price not differing from the competitors. There are also jumpers for setting the base processor frequency – 66,MHz and for adjusting a multiplier – from 1.

The feed circuits have 12 uF capacitors.

CPU VIA C3 MHz and VIA PLE based Motherboards

It seems to be even lower than that of the similar architectures of the competing processors – P6 and K7. The C3 processor is just a renamed Cyrix3 with Samuel2 core, which we have already examined. Well, this board will suit only for the most unpretentious user, who is short of cash at the same time.


The model is very convenient: The processors are almost impossible to overclock, what means a low frequency potential of the C3 core. The processor’s and board’s temperatures are not displayed either. It can be enabled only in some pre-production samples.

By the way, it has already appeared on the market. Among the programs there are such as Adobe Acrobat Reader 4. And now, while marketers are fighting against the stereotypes all around the world, the engineers of the company are improving the processors, and some day the priorities will probably change. But on the corporate market where integer-valued instructions dominate the VIA processors do not have such problems.

It is interesting that the PLE based boards cost almost equally – the fight on the budget market mvlb so severe that the most expensive manufacturer ASUS offers products at liberal prices.