A CmDongle contains all the licenses in the secure memory of its smart card chip. A fake or homemade firmware update would therefore be detected and rejected by CmDongle. With CodeMeter, you can license more than 4,,, different products independently. This process allows the activation, upgrading, and deactivation of licenses. CodeMeter has not been cracked.

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CmDongles are enabled with two communication interfaces: Additional Mass Storage Flash Memory. These partial winners discovered some weaknesses in our system which we not seen before. But we did receive some excellent partial solutions and we awarded those contestants with to 2, Euro each.

Software vendors can partition the storage space into different areas, with a choice of the following types:. This specific CmStick is highly recommended if the software is time limited and rarely used.

All on a CmDongle. The codeneter update can be transmitted automatically by means of CodeMeter Codemeyer Central. This process allows the activation, upgrading, and deactivation of licenses. The user can also reserve licenses for network users, Active Directory groups, or specific computers and create usage reports.

CodeMeter | CmDongle – Hardware based copy protection: Wibu Systems

Each CmDongle can store licenses from different vendors in separate areas. Smart Card Chip for Top Security. Reading keys and copying the firmware is therefore practically impossible.


Not only were there no outright winners, no one was able to perform even a partial crack. CodeMeter promises a secure future. It provides an intelligent synchronization mechanism, is available for all form factors, and needs no battery, meaning an unlimited running time. With CodeMeter, you can license more than 4,, different products independently.

Premiere at SPS 2013: The new CmStick/M offers CodeMeter security with encrypted USB Flash Drive

Software vendors can make a choice before delivering the units, and set HID or MSD themselves or leave the choice open to their customers. This architecture allows the delivery of your software and data directly via a CmDongle.

In practice, the user sends the codmeter publisher a remote context file that identifies the desired CmDongle. A fake or homemade firmware update would therefore be detected and rejected by CmDongle. Hackers or Crackers go down different paths than developers and the partial solutions were important input for us. When it comes to software protection, CmDongles provide the highest level of security.

Each CmDongle is equipped with an internal clock. Thus, no additional drivers are required, and the user can connect to a PC and use a CmDongle without having administrator privileges. If your needs match even one of these points, CodeMeter is the optimal technology for you.


Wibu-Systems Hackers Contest 2011: Unbeaten for the Sixth Time

The core of sttick CmDongle is a smart card chip, which includes a microcontroller with a secure storage area for cryptographic keys and the firmware. You define the degree of tolerance to changes in the computer.

With a tamper-proof receipt, CodeMeter automatically ensures that the action was performed successfully. Each CmDongle offers kByte of memory for your licenses, which can accommodate up to 2, licenses with different license models.

Datasheet Datasheet The update is based on data exchange. To win the contest you had to manipulate a CodeMeter protected software so it would run without CodeMeter.

Essentially, each user receives the same software, but a different license that codemter him to use your protected software to the extent allowed by you. But a high level of security can be reached by:. There are no additional license coddemeter needed.