These regulations apply to laser products marketed in the United States. Unpacking and Installing the Printer In this Chapter. Compuprint PageMaster c User Guide Transporting the Printer Shake the toner cartridge 7 or 8 times as shown in the illustration to distribute the toner evenly. Gently lift the end paper guide to move it. Make sure that nothing touches or scratches the roller surface. If there is jammed paper remaining inside the printer, pull it out carefully to avoid tearing it. Chapters Table Of Contents

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Straightest lines To obtain the best color print quality, pagemastter printer must be aligned so that all four color planes are positioned correctly on the printed page. Ohdulqj 3dshu -dpv For Compuprint Pagemaster C Drum for about pages.

Control Panel Lcd Messages We recommend that you clean the printer at least once a month to keep it in good working condition and to maintain print quality. Do not attempt to reuse toner from the waste toner collection box. To protect the printer from damage, pack it in a compupgint before transporting it.

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Stop operation immediately if your printer emits smoke, excessive heat, unusual noise or smell, or if water is spilt onto the printer. Brother toner cartridge cyan TN11C.


Switch off the printer before connecting the interface cable or options. Wrap used toner cartridges in plastic bags and dispose of them as non-burnable waste.

If you install the printer in the same room as an ppagemaster water vaporizer, use only filtered water in the water vaporizer. Insert the 4 screws provided into the 4 holes inside the printer and tighten them with a coin to secure the printer to the High Capacity Feeder 2 paemaster.


Shielded interface cables must not exceed the following limitations: Fuser units for Compuprint Pagemaster C The fuser unit fuses the toner at temperatures between and degrees and prints permanently onto the paper. Hold the tray with both hands, lift the front slightly, and remove it from the printer. To protect the printer from damage, pack it in a box before transporting it.

Selecting Print Media If a sheet of paper is wrapped around the fuser roller, do not try to remove it by yourself to avoid injuries or burns. Wipe any remaining water with a soft dry cloth.

Storing The Printer Food and Drug Administration implemented regulations for laser products on August To prevent electric shock, turn off the printer before disconnecting optional acces- sories or compuprinr cables.


Connect the power plug only to a properly rated power outlet. When moving the printer, remove the toner cartridges.

Options Options In this Chapter. Because the printer weighs 80 lbs.

Do not place any metal parts such as staples or clips on the printer. Images are initially created as an electrical charge on the surface of this drum.

Table of contents Table Of Contents Do not place the printer directly next to an air conditioner or heater, as this affects the temperature inside the printer and can cause damage. If you have not already unpacked and installed the printer, please refer to these documents. Grip the levers at each end of the toner cartridge with your fingers, then push down lightly to rotate the levers forward. Pull the seals completely out. Replace toner cartridges as soon as the message prompting you to do so appears.