Rate this document Select a Rating 1 – Poor 2 3 4 5 – Excellent. To use, call nilsdev from the terminal. Back to Top 6. To run the tool type: Learn more about our privacy policy.

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To find the available repository add-ons, visit ni.

This document will explain the different linux tools that are available based on the version of DAQmx being used. Install the repository add-on The repository add-on can be installed using the ‘rpm’ command with the -i flag.

NI-DAQ Cards on Linux

Can be called by nipxiconfig –list-identifiable-chassis. Back to Top 7.

This call allows you to set a chassis as the specified model and vendor. The steps to do this are listed below with the resulting block diagram in figure 1: Linuxx site uses cookies to offer you a better browsing experience. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6. Can be called by either nipxiconfig -q or nipxiconfig –quiet. For a comprehensive explanation of driver installation, supported platforms, supported hardware and known issues, please refer to the most recent version of the respective readme file.


This kinux reduces the amount of information and detail that is displayed by the program output.

DAQmx for Desktop Linux Tools

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7. After doing so are presented with the names of all devices within the system. Install driver update repositories optional In certain cases, there may be a new device driver release which is more recent than what is provided by the up-to-date repository add-on. Installing the repository add-on through terminal on CentOS 7. This call renumbers the specified chassis to be the new specified chassis number.

This call performs a self-test on the device and is the same call you can use programmatically in the API.

Calling verbose with this command shows the chassis, controller, and MXI link information. This call reads the configured script commands that are found in stdin. If personal modifications happen to break the driver, National Instruments recommends reinstalling the driver as it is not possible to support personal modifications. The make files create the dzqmx to the necessary libraries. Run the device configuration utility lsdaq before running the examples.

Rate this document Select a Rating 1 – Poor 2 3 4 5 – Excellent.


Learn more about our privacy policy. Learn more about our privacy policy.

To use, call nilsdev from the terminal. Can be called by nipxiconfig –verbose. These RLP nodes are closed source. In such cases, the newest release of the device driver requires that a repository update be installed after the repository add-on.

Continue reading data until the stop button is pressed or an error occurs. Finally, you must reboot the system once the installation of NI device drivers is complete before you can use daq,x NI hardware. Back to Top 2.

NI-DAQmx Base – CentOS, RedHat, Scientific Linux, SUSE – National Instruments

National Instruments recommends developers creating applications for Windows and Linux-based systems to instead use the full-featured NI-DAQmx distribution. Please see Figure 3 below for an example. This call lists out the supported models when identifying a chassis. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.