Before, I was getting fps, with it dropping in heavy fire, now, it is a lot better. Become a member today and start sharing your creations! Kaeto Ars Tribunus Angusticlavius Registered: This eliminated the immediate problem, but once I had setup all my devices and reinstalled my games, I had a new problem: I solved my problem could not play Half life or any other modes of the game in another way than “Sofware-mod”!! I was using the default. I also play TFC.

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No one wants to pay for stuff they have to haggle to work. Its a shame that I gave up a 3dfx Voodoo 3 PCI card that was 16 megs for a nvidia geforce 64 meg agp card that doesnt gldrv/3dfxg.ldll run the damn game or if it does gives me 20 fps. Add Post Sign up to access this!

Also, sometimes I would get the problem I am gldrv/d3fxgl.dll for now, but not quite as frequently. There already were some tools around that supported the older Detonator versions. Until earlier today, as i said, this was not a program and opengl ran fine at screen resolution. I changed the second line to reflect the changes.


The files are all correctly placed. Byk Ars Tribunus Militum Registered: Vote Sign up to access this!

Ok here is the line defaklt put in the gldrv gldrv/3dfxgld.ll when you open the folder you will see another labeled “drvmap” open it and add this line too the bottom. Mon Dec 18, My Graphics card is an ancient Nvidia MX, you may all laugh at me for that: Feb 13, Posts: Say Thanks Sign up to access this! I hav a nvideo geforce 2mxmb ram, mhz processor. You can also add the line to the notepad file in the gldrv folder but i forgot what it is,ill look later and post much quicker fix Maybe some people have better results with default open gl but i always found that the mini gl option resulted in better performance.

I can’t get it to work,and I tried both methods playerslayer mentioned. Suddenly all 3D accelerated apps from Winamp plugins to Hartwood Solitire to Quake started having small pauses every 10 seconds or so.

This fixed itself somehow, but now, sometimes I get the “Your selected OpenGL mode is not supported by your video card.

OpenGL Launch Problem

Hello Gents and Gentets! Pazzo Joined 11y ago. Quake – using FuhQuake-GL 0. I also play TFC. At first, whenever I would play a 3D game any of the listed above I would get rhythmic pauses, varying in frequency and length, but effectively destroying any kind of playability 3dtx once had.


Win2k + GF4 = Fickle OpenGL [Archive] – OpenGL Discussion and Help Forums

I was using the default. Nov 4, Posts: The problem is this: About 3 or 4 months ago, I would frequently get problems with my fps dropping to about half their usual level.

Gamer Ars Scholae Palatinae Registered: Here is how i got my mini gl option back. In the course of trying to fix this problem I have tried several versions of detonators, both 3 and 4. It asked you if you wanted too choose mini gl.

So I was able to solve it either by temporarily disabling the cable mode in device manager when the connection is down, or just waiting until it works again. Now you can reinstall the new patch for half-life and then go to the gldrv folder again and delete it,and replace it with the old one that was on your desktop.