This procedure is an extremely rare application-case, which only finds use where a screw is tightened into plastic. Basically, there is also a connection between obtained torque, friction values and the generated assembly pre-load. Using a fast and high resolution AD converter the torque value is displayed and that accurately and digitally even at a highly-dynamic tightening process. In a fully automatic assembly station, the regular testing of stationary screwdrivers is necessary. Ergonomic Pistol Grip screwdrivers for torques of 0. Some images are copyrighted by third parties.

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Data can be output to various printers see accessories.

Deprag Torque Controlled Screwdrivers. The correct screwdriver guarantees a high quality product!

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After screw assembly, they can be used as if they were a single part, meeting the highest requirements. You can flexibly process large amounts of data e.

Angle Head nut runners for higher torques upto 65Nm and tight access. These are plastic self-tapping screws 3. All values are yorque displayed on the LC display. Process reliability starts with the selection of a suitable tool.

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It is important that the screws used are original, unassembled parts too. Only when the screw-connection is designed so that after the derag of the thread and prior to seating of the screw head, a free run-through is guaranteed, then the displayed connections of the torque-controlled tightening diagram apply.


Consequently, with each processed screw, an expensive sensor-element remains inside the assembled part. Measuring Instruments for Manual and Stationary Use.

Within the performance range of each spindle torque, speed, waiting period and rot With this particular procedure, friction influencing errors may be eliminated and the load capacity of the screw can be extended to its maximum.

Transducers in Navi Mumbai. It is however important that the torque shut-off is bridged during the driving of the screw, so that a premature shut-off of the screwdriver is avoided.

Find more suppliers in Mumbai Torque Sensors in Mumbai. The DEPRAG torque wrenches in straight and angle-design, allow the mobile use when testing screwdriver-spindles without their removal from an assembly station. What type of screwdriving tool best fits the task?

What appears depfag easy can actually prove to be a brain-teaser for industrial production. The measurement electronic ME for connection to a PC is the ideal measurement device for a stationary calibration laboratory. Besides all commonly required torque measurement functions, this software also enables you to carry out detailed screw joint analysis.

Rudolf Schmidbauer makes an unexpected discovery in his test series: Which is the ideal torque for the screw assembly of the plastic spindle into the pistons?

Transducer (DMS, non-contact)

After overstepping the maximum load, the forming seprag the screw starts and the diagram ends with the destruction of the screw. Besides training of staff and the use of high quality materials, selection of the correct screwdriver for the application plays a major role to ensure reliability in the assembly process.


Get best deals for coconut. Should a product recall occur because of a faulty screw-connection, then the economical damage will be significant.

The selection of a suitable torque transducer is a basic requirement for the adjustment, monitoring and inspection of screwdrivers, and also for the testing of screw joints and screw joint analysis.

For this option, we offer our curve-program, which is included with the standard measuring instrument. Special Cases Almost all previously described proceedings only apply to metric screw-connection into steel. The toraue assembly has to remain within the range of defined tolerance limits: Skip to main content You are here: The ideal solutions for micro assemblies in the medical industry, the watchmaking industry, optical industry, for the assembly of samll consumer electronics and components and for use with p However, this method is only suitable for special cases using large screws and it practically does not find many applications.

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