Be aware that if you are using Windows XPe make sure you have Service Pack 2 installed and install the appropriate driver on the client hardware connected to the scanner. If applicable, try plugging directly into the computer instead of a hub. For an average user, we recommend cleaning your scanner about every three months. For heavy users, once a month may be necessary. How do I recalibrate my scanner? How do I uninstall my scanner?

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Interpolation can be helpful when enlarging images to retain clarity, or when scanning black-and-white images or fine line art to produce smoother lines. By calibrating input and output devices correctly, color is accurately captured by your scanner and is reproduced faithfully on your monitor or printer as well.

Before scanning, you should first select the scanner source and then calibrate the unit. We regualarly test that these scanners will work with EzeScan. Your scanner comes with a limited one year parts and labor warranty. Used in combination with the scanner cleaning mode, these sheets can help to improve image quality.

How odcketport I check if my scanner drivers are installed properly or my hardware is functioning properly? This will completely remove the scanner from your computer.

Supported Scanners

How do I calibrate or clean my scanner when using 3rd party software? I can twajn with the scanner but the image output is totally black. Select Imaging Devices and right click on the scanner and see if the driver is installed properly. We suggest to only use WIA when no other drivers exist for your scanner.


What is the purpose of scanner calibration?

Ambir Docketport USB Duplex Scanner Overview – CNET

If there is no error please call technical support at If the scanner is not there or has an error message next to it, please uninstall completely. In fact, the scanner is perfect for desktop computer users that do not want to take up valuable desk space that a flatbed scanner needs. For heavy users, once a month or even more frequently may be necessary.

Can I order more photo sleeves? When it gives you the option to Modify, Repair or Remove, select Remove and follow the onscreen steps. How do I clean my scanner? To determine if this is the cause of the error, change the destination of the scan to your desktop.

Supported Scanners | EzeScan

The first thing you should do is to recalibrate your scanner. Given that the internal rollers within the DocketPORT sheet-fed scanners are black, it is not possible to change the background color to white in the resulting image output. How can I tell if my Vista operating system is 32 or 64 bit? Calibration sheets may be reused indefinitely until damaged or lost. We strongly recommend using a scanner with a USB 2.


If not, please feel free to call technical support at Some newly released scanners may be absent from the list below, because they have not gone through our Scanner Certification process. Click on the System icon.

View Cart Log-in Log-out. What do I do if my scanner is not working properly? WIA Windows Imaging Acquisition is very lightweight and best suited to scanning single pages at a time, not batch scanning of multiple pages or documents. What is the warranty on my scanner?

After that you should clean your scanner using the provided cleaning sheet by first spraying 3 sprays of a cleaning solvent on twainn cleaning sheet and then running the cleaning setting on your scanner. Highly Recommended Scanners The following scanners are highly recommended by us because these Scanner Vendors regularly update their scanner drivers with new features and fixes.

Right click on your scanner and go to Properties.