Thanks for all the good conversation and useful information! I would be very surprised that a 60 mhz part would work at over twice its rated speed. This sequence transform is recursive so the only other way I could think of is to use a lookup table — or maybe partial lookup tables hooked together with some logic gates. I want to thank both you and Fabio for this informative conversation. All the Best, John. I have Saleae logic analyser… Tnx.

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How to use the Hantek DSO USB oscilloscope in Linux | How To Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Finally achieved to compile and launch, then extracted the. I find this disturbing because seeing accurate representation of pulse edges is a common use for me. I believe the transforms the trigger index before sending it using the inverse XOR shift technique. Hi, hard to say but something is working… I would look for some soldering issue or short on the ADC digital lines sdo-2090 you see those huge steps in the displayed wave. No logic channel enabled.

Was probably a bad solder joint then, with a bit of luck it should work fine for a while! A single channel rate of mss sounds very attractive.


So, nothing more complex than:.

I want to develop for a number of different lnux processors and Linux is new to me as a development environment. However, the relay sounds are audible only on channel 2 and not channel 1. I did have some issues with the fabiobaltieri branch of the software, though. I am pretty sure that many times, times is short….

I bought the unit second hand, so no returns. I know you have mhz parts now but other folks may decide to do the speedup without the ADC upgrade and putting some small heat sinks on them along with a few small holes in the top case might improve performance. I described the problem in more detail here: Also, a multi-turn trimpot is used to manually calibrate the ADC full scale voltage.

The display software sets the hardware up with a trigger level, a buffer size and a trigger position.

How to use the Hantek DSO-2100 USB oscilloscope in Linux

HW revision has been produced in the meanwhile? The weird thing is that the glitch at MHz appeared to be software related somehow: The failure almost always shows up on the left side as and edge that arrives ahead of the actual trigger condition.

Maybe they should call themselves! The third relay is used to bypass a reasonably big capacitor in series with the signal, after the main attenuators. This might bring clarity…. My Tektronix scope is positively ancient and yet it still beats the Hantek in many regards.


We take these very seriously! The power consumption from USB was about mA worst case in the stock configuration, I have to take an updated measurement as soon as I get back my USB measurement board.

Hantek also sells a MSPS model, which spots two oscillators: I measured all the power rails and everything seem s to be ok. Have not heard back from Oliver yet, and the openhantek. But the trigger is set to fire at 1. I did not see any improvement tough, so I think this mod is a waste of money, but at least confirms the part number. Or is the needed to pull that trick?

Filed under Dso-20990 Tagged with diydsoelectronicshardware ddso-2090oscilloscope. With the fxload commands pointing to the correct location for the firmware hex files. Probably not, depending on how hot and how long. The information you shared helped me a lot.

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