Mar 2, 2. DlStreamnet , Mar 2, We also believe everyone should be able to afford it. I think that’s still there. I’ve managed to find the former much cheaper than the latter and wanted to make sure I wouldn’t be missing out much if I opt for that instead. I’ve recently acquired up a Firebox X firewall, however it appears to have a knackered image on it and consequently won’t boot.

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I have a friend who is a developer in Chattanooga. Yes, my password is: That’s probably not outside the bounds of possibility.

I will put in online in a few days because i prefer to test it before. Maybe if I did install one, I could get into bios setup and fix my serial console issue? Mar 1, 1. The main bottleneck is the network ports. So maybe if we find some differences between your install and mine it will help you narrow down the problem.

A second one arrived in the post today. I completely blacked out when I purchased mine, so I bought one without ears as well. BarometerMar 26, It was a mistake in Makefile. Submit an awesome link! You also can play around with different encryptions as some are faster and some are slower.


Tried googling, but I’ve had no luck. As anyone got fireboc recommendations to the best route to go down to get it up and running once more? DigiKey had this one in green and yellow, but not red.


DlStreamnetMar 2, From what I’ve read, it has to do with hardware issues concerning the network cards? Ah, yeah, poor wording on my part.

CF cards are cheap nowadays anyways, this one was 6 euro On the partition information, yes I had to change them firebx install, and I also changed the swap partition info on firebox 2.

That’s always the big expense with enterprise stuff like this, not the hardware. That looks like a pretty cool LCD. What was your reason for doing this? Most of the times, once I stop the download or close the browser that is trying to open the webgui, the box starts answering to ping requests right away again. Thank you very much: Ok, some more debugging info from the firenox firebox 1, but this one is a tricky one, I have absolutely no logical explanation for it:.


Good to know about the split ports, though 4 Gb ports would be plenty for my needs. Naturally with it not booting I cannot connect via console so the only option that I can see is copying the new image to whatever storage medium via physdiskwrite.

Also I meant to ask are these loud, being 1U? You have to download the source for lcdproc and modify the autoconfig scripts to find your sources. I agree, it’s a so specific driver that it may not included in lcdproc.

[ubuntu] Ubuntu server on Watchguard Firebox X

The correct setting on firebox 2 with the 2. Farmington, Minnesota, United States.

Nice Forum for this kind of stuff. I know at least one person on the pfSense forums has upgraded to a so shouldn’t be an issue.