Message 9 of If someone could try this and see if works for them. If you are suspect of any unauthorized use of your intellectual property rights on this webpage, please report it to us at the following: For more information – here. You might be able to write it yourself, or even have labview execute a command line program or link against some custom C code or something. Bottle and matching Cap. They are made from polypropylene and are e

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Also the start up eeprom can be programmed from the same USB port.

Most Active Software Labgiew True, mine searches for the first board it finds and uses that address. But you should be able to replace the search with specific addresses for specific boards.

It can be integrated in other software and you don’t need to know much about how the USB relay board protocol. Upload Add Code Add Code. Message 5 of This VI is crude, but works for us.

FDTI FT and LabVIEW – Discussion Forums – National Instruments

Supply power to two USB devices from the cigarette lighter or other gt245 source. NET functions to display a baloon pop-up on the bottom right of the task bar. Message 9 of I did try the FTDI example and pulled in the write string portion of yours with no luck. More can be setup inline if desired. Detailed description Reviews Related products Detailed description.


That old workhorse, the RS connector, is fast becoming obsolete, even becoming absent in newly purchased PCs. The more USB ports you have the more Relay boards you may connect. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Message 4 of Capturing and processing graphical images requires manipulating data into a form that you can use.

When data is sent to the register the labgiew are set. To get around that, I implemented the following: Time zone switch, for example, has selected three time zones Beijing, Tokyo, Londonand you can customize the display of the time difference to other time zones. They come in a grey color. The circuit allows the port to maintain communications while, for example, charging a lithium-ion battery.

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They have a 16 Oz. Wire transferplease contact with us for Proforma-Invoice. You can avoid this if you first connect the USB cable and then supply the relay board. I run an internet radio station and I use it to switch audio outputs on two different computers.


Controlling a SainSmart USB relay from LabView? – Discussion Forums – National Instruments

Just type one command and the the tool will set, get relay status or even will take temperature value from the board sensor if any. Can anyone suggest an example that I might follow to set this up? What could be the problem??

This is because of the structure of the FTDI chip. Communication with the boards.

Instrument Control (GPIB, Serial, VISA, IVI)

Message 1 of If you are only getting ft254 byte back it may be because you are either only asking for one back FT Read Byte Data VI, ‘Bytes to Read’ terminalor it may be because there is only one byte in the queue. There are so many other uses I will find for this device. Message 8 of