Get into the fast car. Be ready to sprint as soon as the cutscene gets over. It won’t corrupt your save game. A lot of gang members will be walking in clusters on the sidewalks. Get the Pizza Boy moped on the north side of the building.

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Just ccity water on them and try to knock them all down–don’t let anyone get up. Now you’re going to BUY another nice place with a garage.

A helicopter will join the enforcement and fire at you. HP 37 – Follow the jission to the north side of the mall. Mission 61 – Cap the Collector. Spray it, or the smoke just over it, continuously till you see a lot of water vapor coming from the vehicle with a hiss, which tells you that you’re spraying the right part to put out the fire.

GTA Vice City – iPad Walkthrough – Mission #42 – The Shootist

Go south in the new chopper. Shred any who come toward you.

Follow the map; on the NW curve of the same block in Little Haiti, look for a vicf billboard that says “Welcome to Hell. You don’t have to change your outfit for this mission; therefore, ignore it.


Aim at each gang member’s chest and use all your sniping skills to complete the mission. In this time, in level 1, you have to deliver a pizza to one customer, in level two customers Get a pizza moped. Walk up the gray steps on the south side of the building and find the package near the swimming pool in the back lot. Just pay no attention to it. Drive the length of it, north to south and back, at least twice.

Mission 4 – Back Alley Brawl. Save the game after completing difficult Rampages. There are two helicopters on the west island available tye you.

North of this clothes shop is a parking garage sign. Don’t hit the Sub-mission key now though the game says you can.

You not only save time but also avoid police cars. Go right, turn left, and go to the other side of it. Stand in the middle of the road. Phill missions- The Gun runners? Climb up the steps to the top and collect the package.


Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Videos – iGrandTheftAuto

Mobile Version developed by War Drum Studios www. Mission 57 – Recruitment Drive.

Walk around the houses and you’ll notice a wooden jetty on the waters edge. Steal it before the Haitians witness this! Viice, on to the business at hand! You have to drop off passengers, not consecutively, in the time required for each delivery to complete the Taxi Mission. If you want to have a look at it, just fly over the Air Base and you can see the invincible ultimate Hunter.

If you know other secrets, hints, glitches or level guides, then please Submit your Cheats and share your insights with other players. HP 98 – Fly east over the lot and across the street, then fly south to the inside corner of a bunch of billboards.

There are only 48 more.