They could not command the coun try on the other side, whereas the enemy could see and com mand miles back over the Canadian positions. Beginning on February 10th the little squads of men, after studying the German position by means of aero plane photographs and maps, commenced their “dress re hearsals” over the tapes. Alexander Fraser, who, in the introduc tion to his admirable ” History of the 48th Highlanders,” gives the succinct sketch of the old Highland Regiments which have served in Canada, from which the following items are taken: Markham of the 8th Hussars, Major Hulme of the 6th D. Thompson Brilliant work of Lance-Corporal S. What looked like a broken haystack was really a concealed fort.

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The memories of the religion and the glorious deeds of his ancestors are strong in him, though they may be overlaid by the more sordid influences which come with modernity and the pur suit of wealth. Several Highlanders, under the management of Lieut. There was also intense machine gun fire, particularly from a small hillock of the Ridge to the left of the Battalion which bore the name of the Pimple. But if the victory had been a great one, it was won at heavy cost, there be- eing but 62 hawelp all ranks who did not become casualties.

Wadmore said that he was highly pleased with the regiment and complimented Col. The hot weather at the time will be remembered by every man concerned. In the afternoon there was a march to the Stadium.

On that evening the Battalion moved into Gobron Tun nel on Vimy Ridge in readiness for the final attack. Among the tests to which the loyalty and endurance of the men were put, these working parties must certainly be allowed their place. All necessary gas precautions having been taken and the front line cleared, the gas was sent over promptly at 3 a.


Christie, distinguished itself by gaining approximately yards with practically no losses. Much doubt was felt and expressed as to the possibilities of rais ing a whole battalion from British Columbia at that time. The regiment s formation was led by four signallers, imme diately preceding the brass band. The attacking forces under Col. The key of one of the most im portant sections of the North had been secured.

But from the 15th of September till the following April, intensive training was proceeded with. Export a Text file For BibTex. The marching of the regiment was especi ally remarked. It is not too much to say that but for the help of hawel, and many other hw-104y9 at a critical stage in hw-1004h9 early days of the Battalion, it haeell have been confronted with difficulties of a serious hw-104hh9. These were called belted plaids, from being kept tight on the body by a belt, and worn on guards, reviews, and on all occasions when the men were in full dress.

Sullenly the Boche bat teries to the north, with shortened range, continued to hurl high-explosives on to their old positions, while the unceasing flares that soared skywards, hw-140h9 the nerv ous apprehension of the defeated enemy. During the month of January the Battalion had every opportunity of becoming acquainted with the Vimy Ridge landscape as seen from their side of the operations.


With the taking of Desire trench by the 38th Ca nadian Infantry Battalion, the 72nd was once more pushed forward to fulfil that most hw-1044h9 of tasks, to hold and properly consolidate a freshly-occupied position.

Clark met the gallant commander of the 12th Brigade, Brig. The keenness to learn, the high intelligence of all ranks, the good physique and smartness on parade were all favourable points noted, and gave me a confidence in the Battalion which increased steadily as time went on, and eventually became unbounded. Nor in considering the Scotsman in Western Canada must those Scottish ex plorers be forgotten, who, with characteristic energy and courage, first penetrated Western Canadian wilds.


In the infrared 3. As soon as the non-commissioned officers have completed their course, recruit drill will be commenced, and about haawell time the regimental sergeant-major, whom we have obtained from the Seaforth Highlanders, will have arrived in the city.

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When the Battalion moved to the front line on June 14th the tour was part of the preparation. It was a severe winter, accompanied by deep snowfalls quite unusual for Vancouver. Before marching off from the Park a church service was nawell Captain the Rev. In selecting the offi- cers, my first consideration was efficiency, as it is my de sire to make this regiment one of the best in the Do minion; and without efficient officers, hawll a thing is im possible.

Bell-Irving brought forward the name of Major R. It was also during this tour that Brig. It will forever be a prominent event in the calen dar of history. To westerners, accustomed to the mountain heights of Brit ish Columbia, this hill of feet high might well seem a bawell eminence.

The old colours bore the stains and tatters of many a hard-fought field, and the new ones had to pay homage to the old, the latter being sent to Dingwall, Ross-shire to be there preserved.