The size of the stripes used is almost always configurable, and fiddling with it can have considerable effects on performance. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. Used – the speaker has been removed from this unit. They’re just the next logical step in the basic add-on IDE controller market, they’re well priced, and they get the job done. The Windows support software has plenty to say when Stuff Goes Wrong, too, and can automatically send warning e-mail to an administrator. On a BaseT network connection, you’re never going to be moving more than about seven megabytes per second of user data. Consumers, though, are suckers for a bigger number.

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HighPoint RocketRAID 404 and Rocket 133S IDE controller cards

When any drama that requires a spare or a swap happens, the RocketRAID uses an on-board alarm beeper to tell you something’s amiss. We can then adjust your invoice before checkout. And, problem the second, the performance of a theoretical 15,RPM ATA drive would rival that of SCSI drives – as, quite likely, would its price for a given capacity, because the higher rotational speeds mean you need some fancier parts, and finer manufacturing tolerances.

This card can support up to eight hard drives on four IDE channels. Storage controller RAID – plug-in card. Aus PC Market no longer stocks these cards, but they’ve got plenty of others!

Highpoint Technologies PCI Disk Controllers & RAID Cards for sale | eBay

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Data is striped over two or more drives so that when you write to them, the first one gets the first chunk of data, then the next contiguous chunk goes to the next drive, and so on, until the number of drives in the “stripe-set” is exhausted and the write returns to the first drive. Simple, straightforward, plug-and-go, cheap.


Phones by Jessica Dolcourt Dec 5, They also point out that much more expensive Ultra SCSI rocketraie can shift only megabytes per second peak, and they leave the consumer to work out for him or herself that this adds up to more than a factor-of-three win for the RocketRAID.

So, by itself, it could “saturate” – completely fill – the real user bandwidth of ATA66, more or less.

Rocketraid board with paper manual. But this is, again, unlikely, so you get data protection, and two-thirds of the aggregate capacity of the drives in the array.

Host Interface PCIe 2.

Highpoint RocketRAID Ata IDE RAID Controller | eBay

By itself, the above-linked Western Digital behemoth can saturate ATA66, but not if it’s accessing its inner tracks. I’m rockteraid it so that if anybody has the same problem, he can solve it. We do not have the necessary resources to test his unit. I chose Highpoint instead of other brands ’cause I thought I was buying a good product, now I’m not so sure.

rockdtraid You only get to use half of the aggregate capacity of the drives in your array – two 40GB drives give you a 40Gb RAID 1 array – and there’s no speed benefit, if you’re using consumer-level controllers pro controllers can do two reads at a time from a mirror set, doubling read speed.


The hot-swap function requires hot-swap-compatible IDE drive cradles to be installed in the computer; you can’t just be yanking internal drives gocketraid with the computer running.

Luca Andena, Oct 7, Give Dan some money! Item Location see all. Cards have been cleaned and fully tested, they are in great shape. Even if you double your overall disk subsystem speed – which you’re not at all likely to, for the access patterns that desktop computers typically perform – the effect that’ll have on total system performance isn’t necessarily going to be detectable without running benchmarks.

Got one to sell?

For parts or not working. Aussie shoppers can highppint here to go to the Aus PC site and order! If the controller recognizes the array, the PC freezes.

But the physical drive mechanisms conttroller far, far slower, and the buffers are very small compared with the drive capacity. Not that this is a huge scam, mind you. A weeny bit, measurable in benchmark programs, from faster access to the buffer; the above-linked drive has an 8Mb buffer and will benefit more than usual. Two to the power of 28 is ,; at bytes of data per sector, that’s ,, bytes, maximum.

The size limit is an artefact of the original ATA design, which uses 28 bit addressing for the sectors rockettraid a drive.