Exposure To Moisture Troubleshooting Exposure to Moisture While the FC is designed to handle moisture, it is a best practice to keep the handheld as dry as possible. With the upcoming release of an Android version of its SevenX meter data management solution, Data…. DataCol Manage My Water. Now you should be able establish connection from Itron device to Cybertec. This setting is the same as the touch screen backlight timeout on page

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To attach the antenna Carefully insert the base of the antenna into the antenna port located at the top of the FC Close the Control Panel to return to the desktop. Carry Case The FC has an optional carry case to provide extra protection. A blue arrow indicates that more icons are available.

The embedded GPS module must be enabled before use. Top View The following picture shows top views of two FCs with different options.

Note Communication docks, power supply, and cabling are ordered and packaged separately; see the FC Docks User Guide. Use this procedure to set the sensitivity of the double-taps and test the setting. If you try to dial this connection you will receive error.


The FC main battery well is on the back of the unit. This setting is the same as the touch screen backlight timeout on page To display the information when powered on, select Display owner identification.

Select the correct year. The Save Scheme As dialog box appears.

Scan 25: FC300 Itron

Modifier Keys For example: Press the Power key to resume using the FC Navigates to next screen down arrow Blue Blue Orange Orange. The reason is easy of use and no security is needed for this application as both units would be physically at the same location. Migration strategies for the Itron FC hand-held units are emerging, as customers start planning for support of the product ending on 31 Decemberwhile spare parts are becoming increasingly sparse and support sometimes slow.

Caution Do not pick up the FC by the antenna. Above configuration prepare the unit for connection. Page 26 Release the locking latch. Holster Holster The FC has an optional holster available. FC carries out the soft reset. With its powerful integrated SRead radio and fast mobile processor, utility personnel can utilize the FC to program, service and read endpoints efficiently in the field, with one handheld computer.

Scan 25 Protective Carrying Case for Itron FC Handheld for Mobile Meter Reading

Enter information as desired. Table Of Contents Installing the Battery Note the difference in depth front to back of the two examples. Touch Screen Backlight Controls Touch Screen Backlight The touch screen backlight settings control dimming of the backlight when the FC is idle after a user-defined time for battery use and external power use see Setting Power Schemes on page From the Scan screen, select the desired wireless network and then tap Configure.


However, the FC is running and the touch screen is on. Moxa Configuration Guide Download Files.

FC300 Handheld Computer

Be within line-of-sight range of the desired Bluetooth device to pair. Itron will be ending support for FC bywhich means utilities will need to rethink their…. To see this page as it is meant to appear please use a Javascript enabled browser.

Troubleshooting Exposure to Moisture While the FC is designed to handle moisture, it is a best practice ff keep the handheld as dry as possible.