Aside from that issue, however, setting up the S is straightforward. Only one coupon may be used per purchase. Using a USB 2. What’s missing from the utility is an easy way to either create and store additional definitions or modify settings quickly for a single scan without losing the already existing definition. Mounted in the dock, the scanner takes up about On the other hand, you may well count the S’s ability to scan to cloud apps as an important convenience. Default set of definitions does not include scanning to an editable text file.

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Without the dock, and using default settings, the scanner lets you manually feed each page from the front, then wait for the scanner to feed the page all the way out the back and then reverse direction so the paper comes out from the front.

Remove the packing materials, install the software, and mount the scanner in the dock or not. However, you can set the utility so it simply feeds the paper out the back without reversing direction, which cuts the time roughly in half.

BulletScan S300

On the other hand, you may well count the S’s ability to scan to cloud apps as an important convenience. It also handled business cards reasonably well, both in terms of feeding small stacks of cards without problems and in terms of the supplied software recognizing the text on the cards properly. Aside from that issue, however, setting up the S is straightforward. The S took 2 minutes 54 seconds for the duplex version of the document.


Docking station for desktop use adds an automatic document feeder. With so many options to choose from, the BulletScan S ensures you’ll always get the scans you want. X Offer valid from Using a USB 2. A scanner may cost more due to a lower noise CCD array that delivers cleaner dark colors.

BulletScan S |

Offer valid from Without the dock, the scanner itself is 2. I tested the Strobe at ppi. With high optical character bulletcsan accuracy, the BulletScan is able to reduce the size of resulting PDF files without any loss of visual quality.

You also have the option of getting power over a USB connection to your computer with a second supplied cable, but the scanner will run more slowly. Additionally, the smart software retains text-under-image, text-over-image, text-and-picture, or image-only PDFs. Here again, however, the maximum of six definitions is highly limiting.

I didn’t have the same problem with the S, but that’s probably only because I had already learned on the Strobe To scan to Word, I had to modify one of the supplied definitions, effectively deleting it.

iVina BulletScan S First Looks – Review – PCMag UK

According to iVina, this is a problem with PageManager not refreshing the screen, and the workaround is simply to hit F5 to give the refresh command. Whether you need to scan business cards, receipts, ID cards, photos, or legal-sized documents, the BulletScan S has you covered–wherever you may be.


BulletScan Manager Software makes it easy for you to control your bklletscan processes, file formats, and scan-to destinations. Drum scanners provide the highest level of image quality.

The default resolution for the S is pixels per inch ppi.

At Copyfaxes, we are always looking to improve our customer’s shopping experience. I timed the scan at 9 seconds per page with the power cord and at 14 seconds getting power over the USB cable.

Both times are reasonably fast for a portable scanner. The Strobe is a little more expensive, but it also scored better than the S for document management, business cards, and text recognition accuracy.

As a desktop scanner, it did a little better than its rating of 15 pages per minute ppm and 30 images per minute ipmwith one image on each bulletsca of the page. Mounted in the dock, the scanner takes up about Scanning to a searchable file is the more common approach for document management, because it lets you index the full text of the file. You’ll be able to easily scan business cards, receipts, ID cards, photos, and other documents you acquire while traveling.

This product is temporarily unavailable. ADF scanner when connected to the docking station.