E-map can be setup to a maximum number of division. Connection may not work well if something like noise and old line etc. But it is applied to manual control. Controls and record statuses of sites of which checks ended among sites registered in check list can be viewed. If I hit ok, the computer restarts. According to the resolution of saved video data, resolutions of AVI files into which the data are backed up are as follows. Please contact the distributor after checking out any defect in the product.

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Check if printer is fixed on Window. Sun Sep 13, You can select either green or red color. It is advised that the password of 2,3 operator should be managed by operator 1.

Kodicom 4400 driver download

Press [OK] button to apply the selected IP address and password. Jodicom list can hold up to 8 lists, when you fail to record it to an initial media, backup will start automatically to the next media. It can display up to 16 live screens. According to types of compression codecs, number of selected cameras and set backup time, AVI backup time may differ significantly.

As record of data continues in a site, the time of record of displayed data is updated on real time. Then, the watermark program will appear as shown above. If you check on here the image will have Watermark authentication mark. Pstn telephone Line Connection optional 2. Time error problem does not occur which is due to Summertime.


When the driver is installed according to the screen, print kdoicom is completed. In order to connect to a site, a user should enter groups, site codes, phone numbers, installation sites and passwords and put them on the connection list after selecting [Add].

When you click on time, you can clearly check the graph territory by three phrases hourly.

A user may change numbers of cameras, so that desired cameras can record sound during sound record using a sound card. E-Map image will in to a full size screen when you select a character screen of E-Map image 2.

DigiNet Center Manual 1. When the system is not setup properly for Printing, below error might appear. Skip and delay cannot be used with audio play back When changing the mode from the Monitoring Mode to the Searching Mode, the mic will automatically become mute. The 4 screen division will kodico, too fast on 0 sec.

Connection will be provided only for the product that supports control and sensor. A user enters phone number of a site.


KODICOM DigiNet Center(v) User Guide DigiNet. – ppt download

Icons according to control statuses are as follows. If the printer is connected to main body, make sure [Local Printer] is selected and then click [Next].

Among the systems that are physically and logically installed, all of write-recordable media is supported. However, you can only select Remote Drive for Backup Schedule. And if they are not identicalthe connection will be disclosed. Sound card must be installed properly to use kocicom recording function.

After that I went back to the computer to see okdicom there was something that I had overlooked, started the computer, started Dignet and it worked.

To hide the images of the channel selected in the Monitoring Mode, secure channel images will appear. Wed Apr 26, 2: Registered image from the bookmark is possible to be moved at once.

If you are using recording function from other software, you cannot use 2Way Audio function Audio input displxy using microphone from sound card can only be used from one logical program at once.