Bluetooth didn’t detect modem? Have to unmount the device storgae before connecting though. Maybe had to disable Windows driver install mode on 1st run? You need to load usbserial with options vendor and product – If Module is not visible in lsusb you need to go to windows and enable the device in hp wireless settings. They are useful to display informations in a user applet:. Works in Karmic but not Jaunty.

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Connected to network Sample Message: Device must first be activated using WinXP or similar on-device, windows-only configuration software.

Data Card Info

May need dummy username and password enter anything DNS Servers: Not detected NM 0. Switches product id to after eject of storage, then eveo be configured using network manager. Works with network manager out of the box. They also vary in terms of their capabilities, many of which can’t be discovered from the USB device IDs alone.

LG EV-DO USB MODEM driver free download for windows – Hewlett-Packard – Compaq Mini CQ

Using Kubuntu Intrepid Ibex 8. Just type in info and set to connect automatically. Windows utility has this capability. APN is dependant on contract.


ArabicFOSS: الوصل بشبكة الأنترنت على نظام OpenBSD و FreeBSD: التشبيك بمودم LG LDU

Bluetooth may need BlueMan. May have to enter DNS servers manually please fix this bug: We will only be considering the following interfaces: Identified as Huawei E same vendor and product-id.

You will need a custom userland application that generates the SCHG message described above. Show device info Command: Use PC Suite mode!

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Takes long time 1min for detection. Remember to attach your lshal output to the bug report you file and to link to the bug report from the entry for your hardware on this page.

If you discover you need provider information from here or elsewhere, please file a bug against the mobile-broadband-provider-info package so we moedm improve the experience for all users to a level where all providers Just Work out of the box. Works with usb-modeswitch, summary: This is why we use the option.

Adding this information – particularly the capabilities string and the real manufacturer – to the “Notes” section of the entry for your device would be helpful.


APN depends on contract. Show available networks Command: Disconnect button from the applet available once connected doesn’t work. As give here here. Provider info Information needed to get online with certain providers.

Activating the modem circuit The modem initially introduces itself as an USB storage device, containing the proprietary drivers set. Mobile Broadband cards For mobile phones, see the next section.

They are useful to display informations in a user applet: But with wvdial works straightforward. If you have trouble switching, so that the ports show, just eject the “CD” drive that mounts. Detected out of the box with 9.