If more than one number is saved in a Contact entry, another number can be saved as the Default Number. Do wireless phones pose a health hazard? Do not disassemble or short-circuit the battery. Vehicle-Mounted External Antenna Optional, if available. However, none of the studies can answer questions about long-term exposures, since the average period of phone use in these studies was around three years. Other Medical Devices Other Medical Devices If you use any other personal medical device, consult the manufacturer of your device to determine if it is adequately shielded from external RF energy. Press Photo Album and press 3.

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Antenna Care Use only the supplied or an approved replacement antenna.

Press to edit contact information. CDMA technology uses a feature called DSSS Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum that enables the phone to keep communication from being crossed and to use one frequency channel by multiple users in the same specific area. Use to highlight Create New and press 4. Downloads Downloads Downloads allows you to lv more than just talk on your phone. Calls Time Allows you to view the duration of calls.

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When you have a new voice message, your phone alerts you. Allows you to select the default input method including T9Word, Abc, Numeric Memos During a call, you can memo other party numbers and numeric memos.


Storing A Number With Pauses Phone Numbers With Pauses When you call automated systems such as voice mail or credit billing numbers, you often have to enter lv series of numbers.

Search by Group A list of matches is displayed. Use to highlight the name. Page Set Default Carrier 4. With this feature on, read messages are automatically deleted when you exceed the storage limit.

You can only edit it. Vehicle-Mounted External Antenna Optional, if available. Table Of Contents Persons with pacemakers: A confirmation message is displayed. Left Soft Key If you change it to On, you need to enter PIN code when you switch on the phone.


Press lf the phone is locked, enter the lock code. If you enter wrong PIN code more than remaining times, the phone will lock out. To use the charger provided with your phone: From standby mode, press in grid menu style.

Calendar Allows you to conveniently keep and access your agenda s. Voice Note You can use your phone’s Voice Services to record brief memos to remind you of important events, phone numbers, or grocery list items. Enter the lv number include the area code if needed.


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In Standby mode, press to start the Downloads. Support needed research into possible biological effects of RF of the type emitted by wireless phones; Design wireless phones in a way that minimizes any RF exposure to the pg that is not necessary for device function; and Cooperate in providing users of wireless phones with the best possible information on possible effects of wireless phone use on human health.

Do me560 use the phone if the antenna is damaged. Your phone recalls the number from your Contacts, displays it briefly, and then dials it. Phone Numbers With Pauses When you call automated systems such as voice mail or credit billing numbers, you often have to enter a series of numbers.

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Page glioma, meningioma, or acoustic neuroma, tumors of the brain or salivary gland, leukemia, or other cancers. Language Set the Trilingual feature according to your jw560.

Left Soft Key Connect to Message menu. Do not immerse your phone in water.