I have not written down the details on how to do this, but it was fairly obvious and is surely documented in many places on the Internet. So, I really owe you a huge debt of gratitude. Goto “device manager”, select your wireless card, richtclick and select update or install drivers 5 Click advanced, “have disk” and browse to the directory where you extracted the downloaded drivers to choose the ndis5x folder for bit,ndis5x64 for bit. Fri Jan 26, Thanks for your answer. Sunday, June 28, The US-version v1 uses a broadcom chipset, while the EU-version v2 uses an atheros chipset.

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My netgear wgt gets reconized it says airport on but there is no networks in the drop down menu including my wireless network tried somethings so far still working on it.

I have applied the AtherosFix from netkas and updated properly to If it gets outdated, you linkdys not be able to access new innovations in web interactivity – that or you may lose your ability to log on at all.


Quickly and Easily control updates with one-click. Thx for the info emermac, but I think you have another revision than mine.

Solution for most of the WMP300N v2 (Atheros) problems!!!

Wed Jul 02, I had similarly earlier. I just wanted to say thank you for having this thread and for having re-written the driver for the Linksys WMPN. The european version should have all settings for europe available so it can work at least on channel 1 to Edited by Gabriele Siviero Thursday, July 2, linkzys Cause of this you can’t use the broadcom driver. Sign In Sign Up. Anyone have a netgear Wgt i do it shows as airport it says on but no networks show using a usb belkin until i get it figured out im in 32 bit mode.

Posting from Snow Leopard! Just right-click on the kext, show contents and edit the file Info. But then I just navigated the install driver dialog to the folder I’d extracted the files to and voila.

This driver is for these linkssy systems Windows 8. I tried to use the Leopard version but it failed to load into the kernel.


It always says to me that that is not to driver and it never settles. I was looking inside the wrong kext package. Sunday, July 19, 7: Sunday, June 14, 7: Atheros based version of this network card, and I am able to connect to networks both in 32 and 64 bit mode. Seems it’s still bit only in Posted August 27, It’s full localized that makes aatheros as big as it is.

– Atheros Linksys Wireless-N PCI Adapter WMPN Drivers

Posted September 3, Still I will try it and let you know. More details about my computer. There is no other way out than to power off the computer. Direct link ayheros the legacy kext.

But where else shall one report it?

The connection is not very stable Sign in to vote. The XP driver works only on bit systems. Tue Feb 27, 5: