These installing instructions are for Ubuntu 9. If you get the path where the application is installed then you can run the application from there. How do I enable debug mode? I have downloaded Chrome’s. We can also use following command:

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After obtaining the source code, run autogen.

If you’re vnc’d in, just call the command by the name. VIA proprietary graphics driver for Chrome9 Note from the editor: If you don’t know the name you can always run x-www-browser and it’ll opencjrome the default browser.

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Make sure you use automake Install some packages in order to be able to compile a kernel module sudo apt-get install build-essential autoconf automake1. The other option would be to not install it, but then GL would not be available. Most likely this is incorrect, from what i think. It is not evident what exactly is being installed, or why the instructions ask to use some files for Ubuntu 8.


You might be interested in this generalised question: What command should I type to run Chrome from the terminal? If you get the path where the application is installed then you can run the application from opwnchrome For example to know the path where google-chrome is located run this command: No menus, not desktop icons, only a terminal window.

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If it is Ubuntu Sign up using Email and Password. Kevin Selva Prasanna 1 2 However if it’s a remote box It might not work if you installed Chromium. I have openchhrome Chrome’s. Enter to open google-chromeand exit google-chrome to close the Chrome browser. If this driver works correctly for your needs, there is no need to compile the driver yourself. With this solution you won’t have 3D acceleration 3D applications will be slowbut your system won’t freeze.

Email Required, but never shown. Section “Device” Identifier “Configured Video Device” Driver “vesa” EndSection 3D doesn’t always work The openchrome driver and previously the via openchome only supports 2D acceleration, and most of the time it will work.


OpenChrome last edited Please tell the answer after you have confirmed that it’s working.: Use sudo to obtain administrative privilegesin order to edit, move or openchroke system files. We can also use following command: Section “ServerLayout” Identifier “X.


For more information, please visit http: There is a VIA proprietary driver for Chrome9 chipsets that should support most of the features missing with the openChrome driver, like video decoding acceleration and 3D hardware acceleration.

If you can confirm that a bug was introduced in this revision, submit a bug report at: This is a sensible solution for those that don’t care about desktop effects or games. These installing instructions are for Ubuntu 9.