Hardware using this driver: Tested with Linux 3. You can write your own script around megasasctl to check your adapter status health periodically. It is available in the packages repository too. If the system looses power and does not flush the cache it is possible to loose data. However LSI provide megacli , a proprietary management command line utility which is rather hard to use. I wanted to emphasize that point.

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This is by no means an all encompassing post for MegaCLI, which is a very powerful tool and has a lot of options to pick from…so proceed carefully.

Now we’re going to enable write cache. This utility along with other crap can be downloaded here: You are commenting using your WordPress. A daemon detecting status changes and reporting to syslog as SNMP traps is packaged as cpqarrayd.

Proceed at your own risk, I recommend verifying that no data will be impacted by this task.

In my case I selected the CentOS 6. The controller will now recognise the disk as being a “foreign” one.


However, please that most of old distributions won’t have this driver. Use regular readahead instead: I noticed that strange behavior on an IBM controller.


These settings do not affect the read-ahead policy. I downloaded MegaCLI and placed it on my Dropbox folder, this made it easy so I could just use wget on the Linux server after it booted.

Hardware Raid Setup using MegaCli – Linux Raid Wiki

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Hosting sponsored by http: Eventually we want to get the information about the mapping between linux devices and virtual drives raid devices.

I wanted to emphasize that point.

It seems ADRA is deprecated, current megacli binary doesn’t offer this option anymore. I am not liable for how quickly the -CfgLdDel command obliterates any existing logical volume configuration, proceed at your own risk.

Not aware of any method of detecting the status for this RAID. Notably this driver uses the kernel scsi subsystem rather than implementing its own block device.

Details about individual drivers 3w-xxxx Hardware using this driver: Please note you need a recent version of smartmontools. BIOS upgrade from a Linux system.


This was not the case on at least one Dell PowerEdge machine. The read policies indicate whether or not the controller should read sequential sectors of the logical drive when seeking data. If the llnux looses power and does not flush the cache it is possible to loose data.


I spent an hour trying to navigate the BIOS over remote console via the Intel Remote Management Module…but it was absolutely painful and the only thing that worked was using the wizard, which created undesirable configurations.

It’s the standard nagios expected return code.

Enclosure – The physical chassis the physical drives attached to, represented by id, such asetc. There are Debian packages of both tools available from http: Notify me of new posts via email.

As we look for simple output that shows the virtual drives structure, its hard to get sad with megacli. I ended up working around this by doing the following steps: No one wants that.

It means actually raid 0 over raid 1 that is RAID However it’s really hard to use because it’s use tones of command 2280 parameters and there’s no documentation.