What encryption is provided by the compact flash radios? The speed can range from a maximum of 1. This tone is heard whenever a bar code is unsuccessfully scanned. To print the manual completely, please, download it. Prints a label to verify that the printhead strobes are working. Tap Clear Display to clear the Printer Passthru screen.

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Select Change Password from the drop-down menu. Checking Machine Totals for synthetic supply inches printed, and service high inches printed.

Monarch USB Serial driver – DriverDouble

Decide which of the following tests to perform: When you connect to a network, Fusion creates a profile for that connection. U s i n g t h e M o b i l e C o m p a n i o n The Mobile Companion utility starts automatically when you turn on the printer and an icon appears in the System Tray. Nonarch frequencies are displayed for each tone.

Specify the wireless operating mode. Tap Restore to Defaults to return all uxb scanner settings to the default values. Also if a radio connection exist, how many times and how much data is communicated between moharch Platinum and if power management on the radio and to what level. These settings must match the network encryption settings or the printer cannot connect. The Taskbar Lockdown option prevents access to the Start Menu or any unspecified applications without a password.


How can I restrict user access to the Start Menu or any unspecified application?

Drivers >>> Monarch 6039 USB Serial driver

Tap the Encryption tab and specify the encryption settings. The system administrator selects which applications are accessible when the taskbar is locked.

This data precedes the bar code and includes the length of data and bar code type. The Platinum has been drop-tested to 4 feet onto concrete with one drop on each side for a total of 6 drops per machine.

Prints a label to verify that the printhead strobes are working. The default is 2.

The Label Designer Utility allows you to design fixed or variable field monarcb however, you cannot enter variable field data using the Monarch Monaech. No-print zones also exist along the edge of the supply to account for supply drift. U s i n g F u s i o n The Fusion utility starts automatically when you turn on the printer and an icon appears in the System Tray.

How fast will the Platinum print?

To enable password protection, enter 0639 confirm a new password. While Active Sync is the way that most users will communicate with the Platinum, we do have FTP and Telnet software that can be loaded into the Platinum. Where can we find the Platinum Documentation?


The USB port is compliant to version 2. Tap Test Settings to go to the Scanner Diagnostics screen. Page 64 Visit www.

Avery Dennison Monarch TC6039SA System Administrator Manual

Set the Trigger Mode: What size SD memory cards do we offer? How long will the backup battery last? The printer searches for all networks in range and lists them alphabetically by SSID. Using Scanner Diagnostics The Platinum has a Compact Flash card slot that can be used to provide other types of communications. If you reallocate the Image buffer memory, you can print up to an 8-inch label. Transmit Tells the scanner to return the check digit with the data when an I 2of5 bar code is scanned.

Tap the Page 2 tap at the top of the screen to continue.