Color vibrancy as well as fidelity are subjectively without irregularities. The border between left and right mouse key is therefore also not optically evident. We check it out to see if it can fill the gap between a cheap and cheerful netbook and highly desirable but equally expensive ultraportable notebook. Dell has announced an up-coming ultra-slim laptop for its Vostro range, which brings the thickness of the Adamo XPS to a more sedate form factor. Backlight levels are good for viewing in bright viewing conditions, such as a bright office or classroom, but the screen gets washed out quickly when using it outdoors. Due to the slightly roughened surface, the mouse cursor can be controlled precisely in a pleasant manner. The other way round, the notebook opens a bit by itself when held on the base unit.

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Therefore, it is advisable to take precautions at transport so that a possible penetration of foreign objects between keyboard and display can’t cause damage. Therefore it could come to longer waiting times when several parallel paths are used.

Apart from a larger hard disk x-lim the X, the other components i. To a part equally slim notebooks could be considered x-sllm follows: The X-Slim X accedes in three colors: The X-Slim X’s fan turns up under load. Video telephony via internet is possible with the 1.

Could this be the one that steals the NC10’s crown jewels? We check it out to see if it can fill the gap between a cheap and cheerful netbook and d-slim desirable but equally expensive ultraportable notebook.


MSI X-Slim X340 Review

The cooling system doesn’t work as quiet as a whisper, either The hard disk show itself as even more existent. Hardware manfuacturer MSI has told 97, of its customers to RTFM in a bitter e-mail which went out to registered members of its support site last week.

Under heavier loads the left side of the palmrest and touchpad would warm up, but the rest of the system stayed in the mid 80s. Fitting to the Pearl White version, you find an equally white notebook bag in the carton.

Can Samsung add something to an already crowded market, or is the NC10 left out on the wings x-skim a field of mediocrity? Your are also equipped for digital sound and image transmission with an HDMI connection.

Asus is about to release its latest addition to the ever-growing Eee PC line. Otherwise the movie was completely fluid and watchable.

You should consider that movie rendering might possibly only x-wlim up a relatively small part of the planned application field and that it could be beneficial to have more vertical space for other tasks. An offered battery with a larger capacity would also be a sensible accessory. Aside from the X-Slim X, the X is also offered.

MSI X Specs – CNET

Once you get past the abnormal flex the keyboard is actually pretty nice. Equipped with a GeForce GTX M and restrained styling, find out if x-slmi is a gaming laptop that we’d be prepared to ditch our desktops for. The bright but reflective display and the comparatively low battery life also don’t provide for enthusiasm in mobile missions.


The case’s upper side was never warmer than The correlating keys are made of one piece.

Nvidia’s Next Generation Ion Platform. Conclusively, the X-Slim X is interesting for all those who are looking for a slim, elegant chaperone for occasional working on the run.

Whilst the pressure stability is still fairly alright, this also lets itself be notably twisted at low force and causes image distortions on the activated screen. Now we come to the first significant weak point of the X-Slim X A real disadvantage of this device is found in the area of the input devices. Generally, the X-Slim Msl has a good average luminosity of The white variant attracts attention with a shining display lid and illuminated MSI logo.

The built-in mono loudspeaker x-silm its sound waves out through the left louver against the surface.

Under loadsimulated with the classic test from the BatteryEater Tool, the X-Slim X already has to go back to the socket after one hour 31 minutes 91 minutes. Loudspeakers The sound check turned out accordingly for a mini-notebook.